September 12

For months and months the electric window of our VW golf has been playing up. Finally, when I was visiting Fairhaven Gardens a few weeks ago, it completely gave up – very annoying.

So for the past few weeks, our driver’s side window has been neither up nor down. We’ve had fun and games trying to park the car where it won’t be broken into or stolen. We’ve had the odd wet seat and we’ve had to tape up the window with a plastic sheet. It had become a daily chore.

I took the door apart a couple of weeks ago and discovered that these electric windows are basically controlled by a pulley system using meshed metal wires. One of the wires had become un-threaded and mangled as it was pulled in and out of the winder. See photo below!

VW Golf Mk3 Window Regulator

After debating whether to take it to the nearest VW garage and face a significant bill, I discovered a page on the web which talks through the process of refitting a new window regulator. See

I managed to purchase a genuine new and unused part for £34 (plus £10 postage and packaging) from eBay. And after buying a few tools which I was short of (a small socket set, some Torx and Hex fittings), I set about fixing the window this morning.

VW Golf Mk3 Window Regulator

The old window regulator (left) and new (right)

I’m pleased to say that it was a huge success and the replacement went very smoothly (thanks to the aforementioned web page). It took about an hour and a half.

If anyone else out there is thinking about replacing their own window regulator for a VW golf Mk3, I can honestly say that it’s not the most difficult job in the world.

Apparently, VW Golf electric windows are prone to this problem quite commonly so I bet there’s lots of other Golf drivers out there who’ll suffer the same. Our next door neighbour has the same problem and has just put up with keeping the window permanently closed for now.

Good luck to any other budding mechanics out there who want to replace their own window regulators! Go for it.

I know this isn’t the most interesting of blog posts (understatement!) but I added it just in case it gives encouragement to anyone else in a similar position.